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Home is a space for study, reflection and transformational experience.

It is a laboratory for those interested in the application of practical Buddhist mind science + philosophy, to everyday life. We invite you to reclaim the state of awe and wonder at the majesty of our universe and at human potential.


We invite you to rest;
To release doing and return to being.


Every Wednesday, we gather to explore practical wisdom from the lineage
of Tibetan Buddhism, and its convergence with the fields of psychology, 
neuroscience and quantum physics. Our intention is to provide tools
for deepening your daily practice.


At each session, Thupten Puntsok, Anahita Moghaddam and guest speakers will lead guided meditations and teachings. The sessions culminate in a tea ceremony where we connect with our fellow practitioners.

 Our method draws on mindfulness to stabilize the mind + 
analytical meditation
to arrive at experiential insight.
Beginners and long-term practitioners are all welcome.


Space is limited to 40 people per session. Cost is 20 dollars.